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The purpose of this Networking Committee is to:

provide information sharing, networking, collaboration between state peak associations and representatives and deliver Aquatic and Recreation Industry project support and advocacy at a national level.


  • To provide a forum for cooperation between State Peak Associations and representatives involved in the industry in Australia

  • To discuss and advocate on behalf of the National Aquatic and Recreation Industry for positive change to on the national stage.

  • To provide input and advice on issues related to Aquatics and Recreation Industry to Government departments and relevant Australian Aquatics and Recreation Industry committees to enhance the National Aquatics and Recreation Industry

  • To identify funding sources and opportunities available for advancing the Australian Aquatics and Recreation Industry

  • To deliver national projects/initiatives that provide benefits to state bodies as determined eg

    • ALFA national awards

    • ALFA national state of the sector report

    • Benchmarking

    • National study tours

    • Mentor project

    • Digital/online national seminars and workshops

    • Leadership Program - Advancing Women in the Aquatic & Leisure Industry

ALFAQ’s mission is to bring Qld leisure facilities to the forefront of the Aquatics Industry – by communicating & educating managers on best practices for Aquatic Leisure Facilities in Queensland. Key areas include:

  • Create best practice materials for Aquatic Facilities

  • Communicate best practice principles on a continuing basis to ALFAQ members

  • Provide a measurement process for Aquatic Facilities against best practice processes


Surf Life Savers, in the iconic Red & Yellow, have patrolled our beaches for more than 100 years. The knowledge and skills our lifesavers have developed in water safety over the last century is of benefit to all members of the community, whether they’re on the coast, in a river, lake or pool. It is with this proud history and capability in mind that we continue to take meaningful steps to look beyond the coast.

The launch of Life Saving SA as an extension of SLSSA, will enable us to take a holistic, state based approach to water safety and drowning prevention. It allows us to continue our critical lifesaving work in all aquatic environments, and bring more water safety servic- es to more people. Importantly, Life Saving SA bridges the gap between the coast and these inland aquatic environments, as we strive towards our vision of zero preventable drownings in South Australian waters.

Through our extensive experience in lifesaving, training and education, Life Saving SA offers a range of products and courses including; Watch Around Water, Pool Safety Assessments, Pool Operator and Pool Lifeguard Courses as well as strong advocacy and representa- tion for the aquatics industry. Importantly, Life Saving SA exists to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of the needs of the pool industry. We have already been operating in the pool space for more than 6 years through the delivery of our industry leading pool lifeguard training courses, and now, backed by a strong and experienced team, Life Saving SA is able to deliver an expanded set of services for the whole industry in one place.

Recreation SA's vision and mission is to increase the participation and profile of active recreation in South Australia. We support the growth and development of the Aquatic Recreation, Community Recreation and Outdoor Recreation industries in South Australia.

Recreation SA is a member based NFP organisation and we are here for our members. We provide support and advocacy to the recreation industry and work with government, industry, members and other key stakeholders on common issues.

Recreation SA’s vision and mission has not changed in the past 12 months. We continue to provide leadership, support and advocacy to organizations and members in the recreation industry with a mission to increase the participation and profile of active recreation.

We understand that to play our role in building Happy, Healthy Communities, we have to be effective, efficient and sustainable.

We now have an enhanced capacity to partner, with Government, business and charities. We have a bigger brand footprint and potential to impact across the Territory.

With stronger governance (including formal community representation from each region) and better staff and volunteer support thanks to enhanced training, policies and processes, we have the opportunity to regenerate the Y in the Territory, with new volunteer and staff positions and new expertise onboard.

Government funded programs and policy will now be delivered across the Territory, not just Darwin centric and service delivery will become a key focus for us. We have the ability to address Territory wide social issues and will offer high quality and sustainable service delivery, targeted to specific communities.

The Leisure Institute of Western Australia (Aquatics) is an incorporated not for profit body that represents the best interests of the aquatic & recreation industry and its members in Western Australia. LIWA Aquatics has an extensive history since 1969, providing professional development, support and advocacy for the aquatic recreation industry. This long history and its achievements have seen the institute become a well-respected organisation on a state and national level.

Angela Jenni is currently managing the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre for the City of Hobart, and has been in this role for 18 months. She has implemented a range of improvements during this time, including a staff restructure to allow for improved service delivery, and a more equitable system for user group agreements and facility usage in alignment with the National Competition Policy.

Prior to Angela’s time with City of Hobart, she managed the Kingborough Sports Centre for a period of 4 years for Kingborough Council from 2014 to 2018. During this time, she focused on creating more contemporary processes and systems for improved efficiencies, and collaboration with other organisations for improved pathways in relation to club sports.

From 2012 – 2014, Angela was employed on contract by YMCA of Hobart as Business Operations Manager, where she was responsible for operations of two aquatic centres, a gym, a child’s play centre, and a golf course.

Having been in the leisure facility industry in Tasmania for the past eight years in management roles, both in not-for-profit and local government environments, Angela believes that she can add value and be a stable conduit for representing leisure facilities of Tasmania.

Aquatics & Recreation Victoria (ARV) is Victoria’s peak industry body for aquatics and recreation. ARV is a not-for-profit member-based association providing support, professional development, training, advocacy, research and networking opportunities to those who plan, build, own, operate or service aquatic and recreation facilities across Victoria. ARV positions itself to ensure it remains relevant and responsive to the industry and partners it represents. ARV pursues a strategy of developing effective relationships with a range of partners across: the aquatic and recreation, commercial, health, local government and state government sectors.

ARV facilitates industry development and research opportunities, conducts special projects and studies to provide key information on behalf of the industry. ARV works to provide guidelines and benchmarks in consultation with industry, the tertiary sector and government. ARV's key role is to develop effective partnerships by bringing industry organisations together to achieve a common goal.

The Aquatic and Recreation Institute (ARI NSW) is a not-for-profit professional association of Aquatic and Recreation practitioners, which includes Recreation Facility Managers, Industry Specialists, Community Recreation Providers and decision makers and Recreation Organisations.

We provide support, direction, training, information and networking opportunities for all members who are involved in sport and leisure services throughout Australia.